At Vermeer WA & NT, we offer an extensive range of mini skid steers and it can sometimes be difficult to select the right machine among so many options. That is why today we will be comparing two of our most popular models, the S925TX and the CTX100 mini skid steers. Discover the key features and individual performance of each machine to help you select the right model for your job site.

Key features


The S925TX mini skid steer has an overall length of 269.2 cm, a width of 106.7 cm, and a height of 147.3 cm (all with a standard bucket). In contrast, the CTX100 is slightly longer with a length of 283.2 cm, but has the same width of 106.7 cm and a height of 147.3 as the S925TX. In terms of weight, both mini skid steer loaders are around the 1500 kg mark, with the Vermeer S925TX weighing a total of 1571.7 kg and the CTX100 weighing slightly less at 1542.2 kg. This means that even though the CTX100 is longer than the S925TX, it actually weighs less overall.

Engine power

The S925TX comes with an outstanding three engine options, so you can customise your mini skid steer to best fit your needs. The first option is a 25 hp Kubota V1505 diesel engine, which can be upgraded to the second option which is the 35 hp Kubota V1505 diesel engine. If power is what you need, then the third option offers you 40 hp with the Kubota WG1605 petrol engine. Conversely, the Vermeer CTX100 comes with just one engine choice, but it’s a powerful 40 hp Kohler KDI 1903 diesel engine. Both mini skid steer loaders offer exceptional power and your choice will ultimately depend on how much horsepower you need and whether you prefer a Kubota diesel engine or a Kohler one.


Both Vermeer mini skid steers come with two track options, a narrow 7″ (17.8 cm) and a wide 9″ (22.9 cm). The S925TX has a ground pressure of 5 psi with the 7″ tracks and one of 4 psi with the 9″ tracks. In contrast, the CTX100 compact utility loader has a slightly higher ground pressure with both tracks; 5.3 psi with the 7″ and 4.2 with the 9″. In terms of tracks, there isn’t much difference between the two models, and it’s probably not a deciding factor when choosing your next mini skid steer.

Fuel tank capacity

The Vermeer S925TX mini skid steer has a fuel tank capacity of 49.2 L for all three of its engine options. On the other hand, the CTX100 offers a greater fuel tank capacity with a total of 54.9 L. If your job site requires long operating hours or you’re not a fan of refuelling too often, then the Vermeer CTX100 can give you a better edge.



Performance is crucial for choosing the right Vermeer mini skid steer and that is why we have prepared a simple table comparing the performance of both models. 

S925TX CTX100
Gross Power Rating 25/35/40 hp 40 hp
Travel Speed 7.3 km/h 7.1 km/h
Max. Angle of Inclination 30° 35°
Operating Capacity 419.6 kg 469.5 kg
Operating Height 214.6 cm 223.5 cm
Universal Mounting Plate Yes Yes


Which skid steer is right for you?


Both Vermeer mini skid steers offer a compact footprint, dual hydraulic auxiliary controls, and identical tracks. What differentiates the two machines are the engine options, fuel tank capacity, and performance.

It’s clear that the CTX100 comes out on top for all three categories, so your choice of a skid steer will mostly depend on what productivity rate you need on your job site. The CTX100 has a greater operating capacity, a bigger fuel tank, and generally a more powerful engine. This means it will be able to offer a greater productivity rate compared to the S925TX. However, not all job sites will require such a powerful machine, and the S925TX might be better suited for smaller jobs.

Finally, both Vermeer models come with a 1-year warranty, so you can feel safe that your investment is protected. In addition, there is a wide range of attachments available to make your mini skid steer as versatile as possible.

Explore the Vermeer range


At Vermeer WA & NT, we supply a wide selection of mini skid steers to meet all of your needs. Today we talked about the Vermeer S925TX vs CTX100, but those aren’t the only models we offer. Discover the more compact S450TX and CTX50 mini skid steer loaders with a rated operating capacity of 226.8 kg and 272.2 kg respectively.

For more information about our products or for a free quote, contact us today, and one of our friendly team members will promptly assist you. Alternatively, you can visit our dealership at 22 Ballantyne Rd, Kewdale WA 6105. 

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