Electricity in Australia is commonly generated in power plants that run on fossil fuels. How power is generated is a key concern for many Australians and for a good reason – power plants produce large amounts of greenhouse gas emissions. However, this can be reduced with the use of renewable energy solutions. In this article we are going to discuss what the benefits of renewable energy in Australia are.  

Why does renewable energy matter? 


Climate change and its impact on the environment is perhaps the biggest reason there is such a push towards renewable energy. Both the extraction of natural resources and CO2 emissions are among the biggest contributors to global warming. Renewable energy is sourced from naturally occurring and infinite resources, such as the sun, wind, and water. Fossil fuels such as oil, gas, and coal are in finite supply, meaning they aren’t renewable and will eventually run out. Not only this, but both the extraction and usage of fossil fuels are highly damaging to the environment, which we will touch on in a moment. 

Why is renewable energy beneficial to Australia? 


Australia has the capabilities and resources to become more environmentally conservative. Most materials needed for the construction of renewable energy sources can be extracted in Australia. In addition, our country has an abundance of sun, wind, and ocean currents. But why is it so important for Australia to implement renewable energy technologies? 

Lowers greenhouse gases


Greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (CO2) are a byproduct of burning fossil fuels. Since the 1750s, with the rise of industrial revolution, the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere has risen by 48%. That’s a huge number that has resulted in the rise of global temperatures, which we commonly refer to as global warming. 

What does global warming mean for Australia? There are so many impacts greenhouse gases have on the Australian environment, that we would be unable to list them all. But as a starting point, on average both land and sea temperatures have increased, meaning that Australia is becoming prone to more droughts, fires, and coral bleaching. 

Most of us know the devastating impacts droughts and fires have, but do you know much about coral bleaching? Coral bleaching not only destroys the natural beauty of our reefs, but massively impacts the ecosystems on our coasts. This affects sea life as well as coastal towns that rely on the fishing industry. Australia has a very delicate ecosystem that needs the help of renewable energy technologies to be kept alive. 

Australia can build solar panels 

solar panels


With the rise in popularity of renewable energy, Australia has started producing solar panels. Solar panels are primarily made from silicon, which is derived from silica sand that is found in abundance here in Australia. Companies such as Tindo and MSquare are major Australian solar panel manufacturers that are only rising in popularity. With that said, Australia has the ability to increase total production, which we will hopefully see in the years to come. 

Reduces reliance on gas


Gas has been a spot of major concern for not only Australians, but also for the rest of the world. Prices have skyrocketed mostly due to the war in Ukraine. With more solar electricity grids and solar panels, Australia would be relying less on gas. The end goal would be for our country to be completely autonomous for power production, which is something that can be achieved with renewable energy. 

Australia has the perfect conditions


Something that Australia has in large supply is large, flat windy locations that rarely get many clouds. That’s right, Australia has the perfect conditions for both wind and solar power. We have the room to set up wind farms and solar farms. With the correct setup, Australia could have an unlimited supply of power. 

Creates jobs


With more renewable energy projects funded by Australian companies, there will naturally be a rise in work. Studies have shown that there has been a rise in the need for jobs in the renewable energy sector. This will drive up the employment rate, especially in remote communities where materials needed for renewable energy have to be extracted.  

Speaking of work


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