Any contractor or tradie knows that the skid steer is a versatile machine. There aren’t many tasks the skid steer can’t handle – farming, road preparation, mulching, excavating, you name it. They’re meant to take on the toughest jobs and get the work done well. 

With the right attachment, your skid steer will become an essential piece of equipment. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for tree care or construction equipment, a skid steer will have you covered. This article will go over the best mini skid steer attachments and how they make work easier and more productive. 

1. The 4-in-1 bucket 


Not surprisingly, the first attachment on the list is the 4-in-1 bucket, which is an essential piece of kit to have. Landscapers will perhaps benefit the most from this attachment, as it’s able to dig, bulldoze, dump, and scoop a wide range of materials. The 4-in-1 bucket has a kind of opening in the middle that is useful for earth moving. If you need to transport a fine material like sand, it’s handy to use the opening as a type of guiding tool, rather than just dumping it off the edge of the bucket and letting it spread everywhere. 

 2. Auger 


Those in the construction or fencing industry know how important an auger is. Installing fence posts can be an arduous and difficult task that is either done manually with a hand auger or with a machine. Well, guess what? You can just get yourself an auger attachment for your skid steer and spare yourself the hard work. 

 3. Pallet fork


Pallet forks are perhaps the most used piece of equipment in a warehouse. Why would you want a pallet fork on a skid steer rather than a forklift? If you run a business that occasionally needs to load equipment onto trucks, buying a pallet fork for your existing skid steer is cheaper than buying a new forklift. Additionally, skid steers have tracks instead of wheels, meaning they are better suited for tough terrains.

 4. Cement mixer


Attached to the end of a skid steer you can even have a cement mixer. This is great for those doing their own cement laying for small jobs, as there isn’t much point in getting a cement truck to pour only a little bit of concrete. Skid steers make cement mixing a stress-free and easy task. 

 5. Bale Spears


With an already demanding lifestyle bale spears are designed to make a farmer’s life just that bit easier. As with any of these attachments, bale spears attached to a skid steer allow for a greater level of convenience and control over a tractor. 

 6. Brush cutters


If you run a business that needs general landscaping work done, then a brush cutter might be appealing. Even with Australia’s thick bush and vegetation, this attachment is designed to clear brush and small trees with ease. With a brush cutter or mulcher, you’ll be able to clear a large backyard that’s had years of overgrowth and be done before lunchtime. 

 In need of a new skid steer?


Check out our range of mini skid steers, all designed to fit the best attachments available. 

Take our CTX50 for instance, with a lifting capacity of 272 kg and a tipping capacity of 777 kg, this skid steer can take on the toughest jobs. But the CTX50 isn’t our only model, we have a wide range of mini skid steers that come in different sizes and specifications. For greater capacity we recommended our CTX100, with a lifting capacity of 469 kg and a tipping capacity of 1,341 kg.

Every model has been designed from the ground up for ease of use and improved productivity for the operators. But don’t think we’ve forgotten about those that need to service and maintain the equipment. With easy-to-reach panels and servicing points, Vermeer skid steers are a mechanic’s dream. Contact us today for a quotation or if you need help selecting the right skid steer for you. 

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