Arborists become part of landscaping projects and maintenance thanks to their expertise in removal, trimming, and treatment of trees.   To complete these tasks, arborists will generally have a range of equipment on hand, and depending on the project, trees may be turned into a waste product, or repurposed into other uses such as firewood, or woodchip.

Arborist Equipment is designed to complete both simple and more complex activities, and key tools of the trade include:

  • Pruning shears
  • Hand Saw
  • Whipper Snipper
  • Chain Saw, and
  • Wood Chipper


While wood chips may be associated with landscaping supplies, a wood chipper is a vital piece of equipment for an arborist as it can provide additional benefits to projects, and become a selling point to clients when thinking about what will be done with tree waste.

If trees or larger tree branches were destined for waste, you may encounter additional labor hours and dumping costs, or require larger equipment, winches, and Vacuum trucks for their removal.

A  woodchipper enables trees to be repurposed on-site and turned into smaller more manageable pieces.

Having a wood chipper as an option enables trees to be repurposed on-site, and turned into smaller more manageable pieces for removal from the site or trees can be returned to landscapes in both commercial and residential settings.  The application of wood chips to gardens not only serves an aesthetic purpose but can also help the soil retain moisture, prevent weeds, and more.

If you are an arborist and are looking to repurpose your trees, the Vermeer bc1500xl wood chipper is a great addition.

Some of the key features and benefits of the Vermeer BC1500xl wood chipper include:


  • Designed for Operator Safety
  • Increased Woodchipping Productivity
  • Ability to easily lift heavy tree logs for chipping
  • Designed for easy access
  • Vertical rollers to help with smooth feeding of tree branches.


Operator safety is achieved thanks to the design of the Vermeer BC1500XL.  It has upper feed control bars so your arborist team is able to stop feed rollers and select forward or reverse.  The design of the patented bottom feed bar was crafted to allow an operator’s leg to strike the bar and shut the feeder off immediately.

Wood Chipping productivity is increased thanks to the BC1500xl being designed with a smart feed system.   The smart feed system senses feed roller jams and are designed to monitor the revs per minute of the feed roller, so it automatically stops and reverses.

With the addition of a winch to the BC1500XL, wood chip productivity can increase as larger logs are able to be loaded into the feed table at the back.

Thanks to its compact design, the unit can get into areas with more ease, and as it is equipped with flotation tires, it can easily handle moving over terrain such as soft dirt and not getting stuck.

The vertical rollers are designed with helical clears.  This means that tree branches feed through the wood chipper smoothly, reducing the shock and structural loading to the rear of the machine.

For more information on how the BC1500XL can make a great difference to your arboreal business or to organize a demo and see one in action, feel free to reach out to the team at Vermeer to discuss this model or other wood chippers to suit your needs. 

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