One of the key infrastructure challenges Perth faces is providing services to our growing population. As our suburbs expand to take up a predicted 150-kilometre sprawl, more bushland is cleared to make way for housing which in turn creates demand for vegetation management, hazardous tree clearing around houses, power infrastructure and more.

Keeping up with the demand for services requires network managers and contractors to innovate. Fast.

How A Wood Chipper Is Powering Innovation

The Vermeer BC1800XL T3 wood chipper is a versatile tool enabling utility companies and contractors to tackle their increasing workload within the constraints of tightening budgets.

This industry-leading arborist equipment is increasing efficiency while being versatile enough to handle jobs of all sizes. The BC1800XL T3 replaces old-style wood chippers in Perth and NT with a better, more powerful machine for tree pruning, brush clearing, hazardous tree removal, and more.

Vegetation management is only going to become more relevant to meet the demands of a growing population in Perth. Servicing NT communities is no different, with plans to encourage population growth in the top end.

As the leading arborist equipment supplier in WA and NT we see huge potential in this innovative wood chipper to increase productivity while drastically reducing maintenance costs. One machine able to take on a huge variety of jobs means less downtime for repairs, less investment in machinery and parts, and no lost time taking the wrong equipment to a job site.

Smoother, Safer And More Powerful

With engine options ranging from 110hp (82kW) up to 170hp (126.8kW) and 19-inch capacity, Vermeer’s new wood chipper allows for much smoother material handling.

Vermeer’s exclusive SmartFeed system monitors engine RPM and detects jammed material to automatically halt or reverse the rollers to clear blockages. A large 158.8cm feed keeps the operator further from the chipper drum and out of harm’s way while the BC1800XL handles branched material quickly and quietly.

Plus the Tree Commander remotely system improvise productivity by enabling the operator to control chipper functions from the operator station or standing clear of the chipper.

All this in a compact mobile machine able to visit job sites in urban areas, fringe suburbs, and regional communities.

Vermeer WA & NT: The leading wood chipper suppliers

Vegetation management is an industry increasingly in the spotlight. With evidence suggesting devastating bushfires are becoming more common and below average rainfall making vegetation in urban areas more prone to blazes, it has never been more important to focus on efficiency and safety in vegetation management.

As the leading wood chipper suppliers from Perth to Darwin, Vermeer WA & NT are dedicated to providing arborists with the best tools for the job.

And when it comes to wood chippers with the versatility, efficiency and transportability able to service our diverse communities, the Vermeer BC1800XL really does cover all bases.

For a hands-on demonstration of this exciting new wood chipper or simply to learn more about the arborist equipment available from Vermeer WA & NT, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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