Almost every arborist, contractor, landscaper and tradie will champion safety as their top priority on the job. Keeping people safe and avoiding injury when working with heavy machinery like wood chippers in Perth is essential. But it shouldn’t mean compromising on productivity.

That’s where Vermeer arborist equipment stands out, with enhanced safety features designed to maximise branch, brush and trunk throughput while minimising risk.

Let’s take a look at the wood chipper safety features leading the industry.

Enhanced feed control bars

Vermeer wood chippers feature an intelligent feed control system designed to de-risk one of the most dangerous parts of the job. An enhanced upper feed control bar gives additional emergency stop positions. The entire range is fitted with a patented bottom stop feed bar designed strategically located so the operator can immediately shut off the rollers with their leg. Not only does this reduce the risk of being caught by the rollers, it also allows for deliberate hands-free stops.

Some models also feature a 4-position stop bar with dual stop positions, plus forward and reverse positions, so the operator can easily control feed direction.

Remote control

Tree Commander™ is the latest safety feature taking Perth wood chipper operators one step further from injury. Remote control functions include:

  • Forward and reverse direction control
  • Stop feed
  • Restart feed rollers
  • Engine throttle control
  • Crush boost

Not only does Tree Commander™ improve operator safety, it also boosts job productivity by avoiding trips back and forth to the chipper. The remote can be attached to the operator’s belt or held in a bracket mounted in the skid steer cab.

Tree Commander™ remote control is available for the BC1800XL, BC2100XL, WC2300XL, WC2500TX and WC2500XL units from Vermeer WA & NT.

Feed table length

Putting distance between the operator and feed rollers is an easy way to increase wood chipper safety. But operators still need to be close to the action, which is where Vermeer’s specially designed feed tables give an efficiency advantage. Long feed tables and feed-sensing control systems keep brush and branch moving through the feed rollers without putting operators in the way of danger.

Winch lock-out

Winching large logs into the feed rollers presents a whole new set of safety issues. Vermeer’s winch interlock system prevents simultaneous winching and chipping by ensuring the winch line is safely stowed on the interlock hook before turning on feed rollers.

Winch interlock is available on the BC1200XL, BC1500, BC1800XL and BC2100XL brush chippers.

Ergonomics and easy operation

Vermeer brush chippers go another step further by designing machines that are easy to operate in versatile environments, with ergonomic controls and bystander safety features that don’t concede productivity:

  • Curb side controls
  • Over spec’d cooling packages
  • Common controls across all Vermeer arborist equipment
  • Concealed hydraulic lines and belts
  • Accessible service points

Vermeer’s entire range of wood chippers and whole tree chippers are designed for operator wellbeing and Jobsite productivity above all else. When it comes to wood chipper safety, easy operation, and environmental versatility, the company’s 70+ year pedigree offers patented features other arborist equipment simply can’t compete with.

For a hands-on demonstration of Vermeer wood chippers in Perth or more information about the range, including servicing, productivity tools and on-site support, call us or enquire directly through the website.

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