The benefits of directional drilling are being felt across many industries these days. Whether it’s the low impact, easy transportation, or the ability to drill through some of the world’s toughest rock and earth, Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is taking on the underground world. As a supplier, builder, or contractor – you might be asking yourself what’s in it for me? 

Here’s all you need to know about the benefits of directional drilling.

How do directional drills work?

HDD is a minimal impact, trenchless method of installing underground pipes and services. Special horizontal directional drill rigs on the surface deploy pipe, conduit and cable in a shallow.

The new breed of drilling and service installation machines like Vermeer directional drills offer less disturbance, faster completion, smaller crews and significant cost savings. And they’re always getting better.

What are the advantages of horizontal drilling?

As a method of directional boring, horizontal drilling offers some unique advantages compared to more traditional open cut methods and underground utility installation. Here are five key benefits of directional drilling:

1.    Durability

Horizontal directional drills use tough, durable pipes that last longer underground. One of the main benefits of directional drilling is the ability to traverse waterways and harsh terrain without needing to run pipes under bridges or above ground. Pipes are protected from the elements and installed with precision for a longer lifespan. Vermeer’s heavy-duty horizontal drilling equipment is the industry leader in durable directional boring solutions.

2.    Faster installation

Trenchless work is significantly more efficient and less disruptive than open cut methods. By eliminating the need to dig up large tracts of earth and remove displaced dirt and slurry, HDD saves time in virtually every scenario. That translates to cost savings and increased capacity to take on more jobs.

There’s no need to halt existing operations above ground just to install some conduit. This makes for an efficient and easier working environment. Reliability is important if you want to take full advantage of the time savings, which is just one area where Vermeer directional drills have the competition beat.

3.    Cost savings

When you look at all the ways trenchless technology saves money, the cumulative cost benefits can be staggering:

  • Less time means less labour cost
  • No need for multiple machines when a Vermeer HDD rig can do it all
  • Less dirt dug up means less to replace
  • Fewer permits required, saving admin time and application fees
  • Mobile rigs can be brought to site by a regular truck
  • Ability to access areas in which it would normally be impossible due to existing infrastructure
  • Zero disturbance to ongoing construction work above
  • Uninterrupted land use means no traffic management or compensation for closed businesses
  • Less wastage, both material and environmental

As trenchless rigs become more efficient over time, costs continue to fall. Bringing down running costs, means more on-site productivity, a better bottom line, and ultimately, a real edge over the competition.

4.    Less environmental disturbance

These days, managing and reducing the environmental footprint is all the more important. As businesses develop strategies to tackle environmental disturbance, Vermeer is rising to the occasion by offering efficient and minimum impact drilling solutions.

Traditional open cut pipe, sewer, cable and conduit work displaces a huge amount of earth and risks soil contamination. Roads need to be closed while noisy excavators churn up earth and pump out CO2 fumes. Regional bushland is often dug up to make way for new sewer pipelines, displacing local flora and fauna.

Horizontal directional drilling is the answer to all these issues. Tough mobile rigs that are silenced in urban areas and reliable in remote areas deliver efficient underground pipe installation with minimal impact to the environment.

If part of your business plan is to lower environmental impact – consider HDD as the solution to your cable, sewer, and underground utility installation process.

5.    Flexibility

Vermeer directional drills are versatile enough to go almost anywhere and drill through every type of earth. Rapidly changeable tooling saves time compared to other HDD rigs, especially on jobs where the earth changes or isn’t quite what you thought. Motors that lead their class in power deliver the oomph needed to get through loam, soil, rock, sand, and clay.

In Australia’s unique and often challenging geological environment, you’re going to want the tool built for the roughest of jobs.

Combined with the inherent cost-effectiveness, this flexibility makes Vermeer rigs the all-in-one trenchless tool that’s better across the board.

How far can directional drilling go?

The answer to this depends on the kind of equipment and the environment in which drilling is taking place. As such, there is no easy answer to this question. For specific project lengths, get in contact with the Vermeer WA & NT team who can provide further information.

How accurate is horizontal directional drilling?

Extremely accurate. In fact, one of the main benefits of directional drilling is its overwhelming accuracy on the job site. HDD drilling is able to find its way with precision via a predetermined path or pilot hole which is plotted by engineers and geologists. In this way, the drilling is accurate to 0.01 and 0.04 degrees. The higher accuracy you have the less chance there is for miscalculation which can significantly raise the total cost of a project.

Horizontal directional drills you can rely on

If you think your business is ready to take advantage of the benefits of directional drilling, it’s time to think about where you’re going to invest.

Vermeer stands out as the market leader in trenchless technology. Their drills, mixers, and reclaimers bring a pedigree of innovation and ready-for-anything toughness that other HDD units simply can’t match.

Invest in HDD today 

With lower costs and faster installation, you can bring your comparative advantage underground by contacting Vermeer WA & NT for a hands-on experience or custom quote on Vermeer directional drills, including any servicing or maintenance requirements. Reach out to our qualified sales team today.

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