With the Government extending the instant asset write-off to $150k and announcing a cash stimulus package for small businesses, it’s tempting to think about purchasing a new HDD.

But uncertainty looms on all fronts. Consider the capital outlay for new equipment, then add maintenance costs, servicing, and repairs. If you don’t have constant work coming in to offset the purchase, renting a horizontal direction drill can save serious cost alongside loads of other benefits:

  • Access new, high-quality equipment
  • Only pay for short term hire
  • No ongoing storage or maintenance costs
  • Rapidly scale up equipment to meet demand
  • Take on more jobs without capital outlay

Some businesses will certainly benefit from purchasing new equipment during the increased stimulus period; for others, let’s look at the benefits of renting HDD equipment.

Why rent a horizontal directional drill?

Equipment rental is a smart solution for budget-conscious contractors, utility installation companies and municipalities.

Scale up quickly to get the job done

Need a little something extra for that big job coming up? Renting HDD equipment quickly increases your mobile fleet capacity without the upfront cost. If you’re not 100% sure work will continue to come in at the increased scale, renting allows for expansion without risk.

Specialty machines for demanding jobs

High quality HDD rigs increase productivity, reduce environmental disturbance, and require a smaller workforce compared to open-cut methods. Plus there are ground type considerations; only by renting Vermeer HDD rigs are you guaranteed powerful mobile machinery with the versatile tooling to suit all of WA’s diverse soil and rock types.

No ongoing costs or long-term commitment

Owning just one piece of equipment means storage and transport costs; but what about a small fleet? Renting a horizontal directional drill means you avoid several costs:

  • Storage
  • Transport
  • Maintenance
  • Servicing
  • Parts replacement
  • Software upgrades
  • Licencing and registration

Always compliant, always reliable

Renting HDD equipment (including reclaimers, vacuum excavators, mud mixers and service locating equipment) means your on-site equipment is always maintained to exceptional standards. Downtime is costly and frustrating, but by renting equipment from a reputable supplier you can be sure your gear is reliable and supported by a top-tier service team.

Get a competitive edge

Renting an HDD rig improves confidence when bidding on bigger jobs:

  • Rent specialised equipment to complete part of the job, then return it to save cost
  • Having the latest and greatest equipment strengthens your bid
  • No need to recoup large equipment costs
  • If you don’t win the job, you don’t have expensive equipment sitting idle
  • Bid for multiple contracts with the confidence you can rent the right gear
  • Closely control project costs and always know your baseline

How HDD equipment rental works

Vermeer WA & NT are pleased to offer industry-leading rental equipment at competitive prices. For the first time, you can rent a horizontal directional drill from our expansive fleet and get the confidence of quality equipment without the capital outlay.

Plus we’re always here to maintain and repair HDD equipment, with a mobile support team ready to transport equipment to you and service on-site. Contact us to find out more about renting HDD equipment for an upcoming job.

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