As modern urban landscapes become more interconnected and complex, the tools needed to dig, mine and drill need to adapt to the intricacies of this changing environment. Cityscapes and rural establishments alike are increasingly seeking equipment that can deliver on projects demanding both high levels of control, efficiency, and pin-point accuracy. No matter the difficulty, Vermeer has the tools to get the job done right. With accuracy, safety, and efficiency being the priority, Vermeer has your back with an impressive range and diversity of vacuum excavation options. 


First off the bat is Vermeer’s trusty VX25-100. For the most difficult of clean out jobs, this vacuum excavator is ready with a perfect balance of power, accuracy, and versatility. Being on the smaller side, this excavator has the ability to access even the most difficult of jobs without compromising on accuracy. 


For low cost operation and highly versatile applicability, the VX30-100 is a perfect choice. With quieter operation thanks to an internal silencing system that muffles engine noise, this Vac trailer-mounted vacuum excavator is ideal for potholing, underground utilities access, and simple cleanup jobs. With a 100 gallon (378.5L) spoil tank capacity, the VX30-100 is equipped with a diesel engine developing 31hp; perfect for a range of backyard, curb-side, and commercial operations. 


Perfect for council cleanups, and other tasks requiring a longer running time. Without compromising on versatility and accessibility, the VX30-250 is for larger jobs with plenty of spoil. With the same engine as the VX30-100, this model sets itself apart with 250 gallons (946.3 L) extra room in the spoil tank. Whether it’s for contractors who are expecting a range of different job sizes or a council in need of a trusted cleanup solution going forward, this offers a full range of conveniently located curb-side controls and the latest safety tech, ensuring a seamless job. A smart in-tank wash down system saves manual wash downs at the end while spoil is being dumped. For versatility and the tank to store it, this is a no-fuss solution to a range of excavation needs. 

VX70-500, 800, 1200

This range of skid mounted vacuum trucks excavator present a simple and compact solution to a wide range of excavation jobs. Starting at 500 gallons (1892.7 L) all the way up to 1200 gallons (4542.5 L) spoil tanks, there’s room to choose between the three models depending on the task at hand. The weight and dimensions do vary across the range, while the VX70-800 and VX70-1200 both benefit from a larger 410 gallon (1552 L) water tank.

All VX70’s are supported by a 67hp Kubota diesel engine delivering efficiency and a formidable force across a wide range of jobs. Optional are a 5000psi water pump for deeper and more efficient excavation, a hydraulic boom, and the XT Power-pack developing 99hp and considerably increasing vacuum power. Standard in-tank wash down systems and excellent safety and silencing equipment mean the VX70 range is a smart choice.


VSK100XT-800, 1200, 2200

For larger scale cleanup jobs that require longer time on the job, this range offers a diverse and well equipped system that is both powerful and flexible. All three models are powered by a 99 hp Kubota diesel engine providing efficient power to the unit. All models also come with integrated silencing systems, a smart dual tank shut off system, and an in-tank wash down system. With excellent safety and state-of-the-art operational features, the VSK100 range is both versatile and easy to use. 


VX200 mega vacuum excavator

For large scale commercial and industrial projects, the VX200 is a heavy duty, powerful option that will deliver unparalleled efficiency and operation time. Take on the larger jobs with a 6-inch (15.2cm) hose diameter and a sectioned hydraulic boom allowing for seamless suction and greater volumes per minute. With a mighty 200hp John Deere diesel engine and anywhere between 1000 and 11400 litres of spoil tank capacity, these numbers speak for themselves.

Choose with the job in mind

Vermeer’s range of vacuum excavators is being used across a range of industries and settings. From council waste solutions to mining operations, low footprint utilities excavation, and potholing, vacuum excavators aren’t just becoming popular because they’re good, but because the situation demands it. At Vermeer, we recognise the complexities involved with controlled excavation and have responded with a diverse and capable range. Vacuum excavation has never been so diverse or flexible. With many options and upgrades available across the base range, you can be sure to have exactly what you need when starting the dig.

Experience counts

With decades of experience in delivering quality equipment, we know a thing or two about machinery. When it comes to excavation our expertise is unparalleled next to the competition. At Vermeer, we understand the job starts well before the digging and isn’t done when the hole is filled. We offer a full package of support from the moment you reach out to the job’s completion. When you choose Vermeer you’re supporting a highly trained and passionate team.

The Vermeer guarantee

At Vermeer WA & NT, we strive to ensure both contractors and councils have the tools available to get the job done right. Whether it’s a construction site or a private utilities cleanup, our range cover a plethora of job sizes and possibilities. We offer a 1 year/1000 hour warranty on all applicable equipment and with plenty of financing options available, see how you can get the most out of our affordable schemes. At Vermeer, our after-sales support will ensure you’re never in the dark about repair, operation, or further equipment needs. We understand that jobs can be complex and unpredictable, so we’re here to help. Get in touch with your local dealership for better quality, efficiency, and safety on the job.

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