Vacuum excavator trucks are becoming increasingly popular within a variety of different industries. Generally, vacuum excavators are used to dig in areas where underground assets such as pipelines, NBN connections, and electrical systems could be damaged by a more hefty digger or shovel. Vacuum excavators can also be used for cleanup purposes on mine sites and on construction sites. Here’s a breakdown of the most common vacuum truck uses.


Civil engineering and construction 

One common use is on complex construction sites where excavation by normal means such as by digger or drill would simply be too dangerous and costly. Underground assets such as water pipelines, electricity, NBN cabling, and gas are found almost everywhere under the modern cityscape. Sometimes, the exact location of pipelines is unknown, or difficult to locate using conventional equipment. A vacuum excavator truck not only digs with extreme caution and accuracy, but it can also safely and securely excavate and deliver any spoil into a tank and easily transported away from the job-site. Vacuum excavator trucks are also highly effective at dewatering building sites after rainfall, they make quick work of what would otherwise be a difficult and costly exercise. Vacuum trucks are becoming more popular in the construction industry due to their high impact, yet minimal footprint on surrounding areas. At Vermeer WA & NT, we take pride in supplying many businesses that are using vac trucks to support ongoing and new building projects. 


Mining applications

Vacuum excavators are also used within the mining industry for several different reasons. Being able to mine both solid and liquid materials in a non-destructive way is important when trying to preserve certain areas of topsoil or minimise environmental damage. Mine sites use vacuum excavators for tasks that would otherwise cost more and have bigger consequences. With a number of different options on the market, Vermeer Vac units are top of their class, prioritising safety, power, and efficiency. 


Around the home

Landscaping, plumbing, reticulation, and gas installation all require digging of some kind. When installations don’t go as planned or require in point accuracy excavations, having a Vermeer Vacuum trucks on hand can be extremely useful. If you’re trying to locate a problem but don’t want to dig up and destroy the garden in the process, a Vermeer vac truck can easily excavate quickly and effectively without causing damage or too much noise. 


Contractors and professionals 

Some jobs can have a big fallout. When complications arise, trusted equipment is sometimes the only way out. But vacuum excavators aren’t just for one type of job, nor are they designed to be used infrequently. With multiple accessories and applications, contractors will often start to use vac excavators for a variety of tasks over time. As their use becomes more of a necessity in today’s rapidly changing job-sites, Vermeer is ensuring all vacuum excavator trucks are ready to meet any challenge. 

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